Tue, Oct 23, 2018 12:00 AM

Greetings from the LWML Michigan District President, Susan Gruber, Executive Committee and Board of Directors. It is a pleasure to be here and represent your District.

Only 6 months for National to meet their goal of over $2.1 Million!   Please help National meet their goal! When you send in your mites 25% goes to National and the rest will help us meet our new goal of $242,050! We’re excited to say that we have paid a partial payment of $12,400 for Seminary Mission Grant. Since convention we had someone request money for a MOST trip right after convention and since we did not use all of our money for the MOST grant in the last Biennium the Executive Committee granted the rest of the MOST Grant of approximately $2,300 to this person for her trip! We have an awesome God to be able to do this and we pray that many people come to faith on this Mission trip!

Check out our new website at We are still making a few changes - please be patient with us! Look for the Mite calendar and “Bulletin Bites” and put them in your church bulletin to bring more awareness to the women in your church. Check out National’s website; They have lots of free information; Devotions; Bible Studies; Skits and much much more!

Many Zones have concerns on how to get new members. All of us need to think “Out of the Box” - you don’t have to do things the way you always did it. Most people do not like business meetings, make the meeting short, do a service project, have a guest speaker, or have your meeting at a restaurant! Offer babysitting! Students are always looking for service hours!  Try an online Bible Study! Whatever you do always have a devotion and collect mites!  A personal invitation to a meeting works really well. Please do not push them into a position right away, let them attend a few meetings to get to know who we are. Sometimes when we put a new person into a position they have no idea what to expect and what we are about! Then they get discouraged and will not want to have anything to do with us. President’s Susan would like to see an increase in membership over the next 2 years! 

Mark your calendars for June 20-23, 2019 for LWML National Convention in Mobile, Alabama!

Theme: “In Praise to the Lord!” Bible Verse: “Sing to the Lord, all the earth! Tell of His salvation from day to day. Declare His glory among the nations!” (1 Chronicles 16:23-24a)

We are having a bus for this convention! Deadline to reserve a spot is November 30, 2018! This trip will be a two day trip to Mobile (No sleeping on the bus!) and you will arrive on Wednesday so you can take part in the Servant Events and possibly some tours! You should receive information from your Zone President or contact Sharron Sheridan, her info is on the website!

We’re looking forward to the 2021 convention in Lexington, KY! But we NEED YOUR HELP for this convention in Lexington, Ky. We will be hosting this convention along with Ohio District and Indiana. We will need at least 200 people from Michigan or more! So mark your calendar and let President Susan know what committee you would like to work on. J

Finally, please pray for each other, National, District, Zones, Societies and each Mission Grant. 

God’s Blessings to each of you as you “Serve the Lord with Gladness”!