Share the Joy of LWML

Thu, Sep 5, 2019 12:00 AM

Our District Leaders greatly desire that the joy they experience in gathering together and serving the Lord with each other is experienced by ALL the ladies of the LWML…and by ALL the ladies of our congregations.  We will ALL experience more joy and serve more people as more ladies participate in our society’s events and in our Zone’s events.

               To that end, our District Leaders offer these suggestions:

·        Think “outside the box”

·        Talk to younger women and see what they want

·        Try a different day to meet

·        Try a different time to meet

·        Rotate meetings – one time in the evening, the next on a Saturday morning

·        Plan activities that you have never tried before

·        Invite someone who has not come before – offer to pick her up

·        Survey the ladies of your congregation as to when to meet and what to do

·        Try a destination meeting with a meal at a restaurant or a swim in a pool

·        Start a second group which meets at a different time

·        Keep business meetings SHORT

·        Have brunch with a speaker

·        Play games – Bingo or Bunco for mites

·        Try something NEW

If your society or Zone is trying yet a different approach, share it with the rest of us by emailing [email protected]. Keep sharing the love of Jesus and the purpose of the LWML! May God bless our efforts!