Purple Feud

Thu, Feb 6, 2020 12:00 AM

Your women's gathering will love this game and it will produce a ton

of laughter. (Just like Family Feud on TV) To get to the LWML

National website, log into the LWMLMI District website and scroll

to the very bottom where you can click on lwml.org. At the top of the

HOME page click on SERVICE- then scroll down to Leader

Development- click- then scroll down to the words about AOL

(Assembly of Leaders) Training Nov. 2018. (This training happened

for President Susan Gruber at that time and then all 40 district

presidents were asked to share it with their zones.) That training from

National was shared at the Women's Conferences in Nov. 2019.

The Purple Feud needs some practice. There are four items available

on the above listed site. You need to read all the questions and

possible answers if you are using the buzzer version from National.

It would be great to be or have a techy operate the computer which

is attached to a projection device that will project the game to a screen

or wall. A bell was not available to hit for the first one to answer so toss

a paper ball or scarf or ????? Have fun making your own version. The

absolute most important part of playing games together is the LAUGHTER