LWML Offering Envelope

Sun, Mar 15, 2020 4:39 PM

New Options for Additional Mite Dondations

(This notice was in my church bulletin.) Many thanks to all of the members

who have donated Mites to the LWML in the past. Along with the mite box donations there is now an additional way to donate to the LWML by using a contribution envelope located near the end of March and October in your Offering envelope box. Just put your donation in the purple outlined envelope in the collection plate on Sunday morning. We will make sure your donation is recorded and gets to the LWML. If you make online donation to the church with Vanco just put a donation amount in the box marked Other Gifts and designate it for LWML. Thank you for your additional donation and don't forget to continue bringing in your mite boxes and emptying them into the tall wooden mite box next to the Guild Counter. Keep track of how HT is doing in mite donations by looking at the display case next to the church office. Written by Jon & Bonnie Middeldorf