Tue, Sep 10, 2019 12:00 AM

Dear Members of the LWML Michigan District,

I want to start by telling you how grateful I am for the awesome experience that was afforded to me in being a District YWR. The National Convention was awe-inspiring and extremely uplifting. I want to thank all of you for supporting the Young Women’s Representative program and giving me and three other ladies from the Michigan District the opportunity of a lifetime. The week we spent together with our fellow travelers forged some lasting friendships. It was so wonderful to spend time with all the women who traveled by bus and there was never a dull moment on board.

While at the conference the Committee on Young Women was sure to keep us busy. We started on Thursday with a Meet and Greet with all the YWR’s from across the nation. There were 81 in total! We also had a scavenger hunt that encouraged us to meet as many people as possible by finding people with different clothing items or from different districts. I attended the Service Events where we tied quilts, colored bookmarks, and packed health kits. I also volunteered to help sort and count the ingathering items. We attended our District Caucus where we received our YWR pins from President Susan Gruber. We also got to meet the Comfort Dogs who work through Lutheran Church Charities, this was a personal favorite of mine since my occupation is Veterinary Technician. Thursday ended with the most beautiful worship service with all 3,097 attendees singing in unison and receiving Holy Communion.

Friday Morning was off to an early start with a special Bible Study lead by the Committee on Young Women. We then met up with our District President Susan and our Heart to Heart Sister Joy to walk in the Banner Procession, as pictured above. Our Banner was beautiful! The business session was next, and we got to see how the delegates vote, and participate in a Bible Study lead by Donna Pyle. Our lunch was quite special as we met with past and present YWR’s. There were attendees representing YWR classes as far back as 1987! The afternoon session brought Mites in Action speeches and the moment everyone was waiting for, Mission Grant Voting! It was great to see all the places our Mites could reach. We had dinner with President Patti, Donna Pyle, and Jan Struck (who named herself the Old Women Representative).  The evening entertainment was a sand artist who once had appeared on America’s Got Talent, he was definitely talented, and we all were shocked by how much he could do with sand and light.

Saturday was our last day at the convention, but it was my favorite. We started with the Mission Flag Processional. It was inspiring to see all the places the LWML has been able to reach in the past and present with God’s love. The sessions included the second half of our Bible Study by Donna Pyle and hearing the result of the Mission Grant voting. Michigan’s own Camp Restore Detroit was among those awarded with a grant. Officers for the following biennium were also elected and the next nominating committee installed. Our evening entertainment was a Choir called VOICES of Mobile; they are a group of college students who travel the world and sing Christian music, they were fantastic and had us all up and dancing. We then closed our time at the convention among our fellow YWR’s and our District presidents decorating greeting cards for Missionaries and their families. We also had a very special prayer time where all 81 of us (plus presidents and committee members) stood in a circle holding hands, we shared the prayers in our hearts one by one until all of us had a chance to speak. Our arms were tired of holding hands by the end of the prayer, but our hearts were strong and full of love for every girl in the room.

Sunday, we started our trek home. Even though our bodies were sleep deprived our spirits were joyful after seeing all that the LWML will accomplish over the next 2 years. I am thankful to have been able to attend the conference and share this experience with such wonderful women. I look forward to seeing how God uses me in the next two years as one of the Districts Young Women’s Representatives. I would love to help educate anyone and everyone about the YWR program and encourage them to join the LWML. Please feel free to contact me to come speak at your next meeting or event.           Thank you, Tonya Zube                                                                                                                 Email :[email protected]