Jesus Box

Fri, Nov 30, 2018 11:17 AM

“Look Mom! Money.” Three-year-old Leland Ross III squats down and picks up the nickel he spots in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

His mother, Narissa Ross, became very serious about filling her mite box this summer after attending the Port Huron convention as Gateway Zone YWR. “For years I dutifully had a mite box in my house, but never really filled it as I should have. I never really appreciated the significance of the coins until I saw the mission presentations this summer. How could anyone fail to be touched and motivated after seeing LAMP representatives tell of that first airplane? Or seeing how POBLO literally saves the lives of people who want nothing more than to follow Jesus. Now my box is placed on my kitchen counter where I can’t fail to add my change.

"I brought my son one of the special children’s boxes too. Mites are a bit of challenge to describe at his age, but he quickly fell into calling it his Jesus box. Placed next to his piggy bank, he gets to chose where any found coins will go. I try to leave the choice up to him by asking if he wants his change to go in his Jesus box or his piggy bank. He sometimes asks about the value of a coin (why are dimes smaller than nickels?) if he has two or more to save. He usually always says he is going to add his coins to his Jesus box. Quite a mature choice for a little boy with no income who is learning that the piggy bank money is for him personally and the Jesus box will be given away to help others."

Leland is quite clear about what happens to those coins. “They help tell people about Jesus. He loves everyone.” 

Narissa’s mother, Darci Kirby, does point out that Leland’s crusade to fill his box does have one draw-back. “His grandfather Doug is not sure that any money found in his pick-up necessarily qualifies as lost money eligible for collection as Jesus-box coins. Leland has learned to clean-out Grandpa's little coffee stash whenever Grandpa takes him for a ride. Should I tell Doug that I have filled my mite box from his cab for years?”

Children’s mite-boxes can be a great way to introduce LWML into the daily lives of children and teach them how they too can help tell about Jesus. Ask your society leader to order some of these boxes from Marge Spencer, Mission Awareness Coordinator, to share with your children, grand-children and Sunday School.