Heart to Heart Sister-Margo

Sat, Feb 8, 2020 12:00 AM

If you were involved in LWML back a few years to the Fall of 2014,

then you remember the article in the LWML Quarterly Fall 2014 "Living

Forgiven" by Margo Dupre. It's a beautiful, heart-warming article about

getting started as a HEART TO HEART SISTER.

Type "Margo Dupre" in your Google search bar. Scroll down 4 posts and

click on "Margo Dupre - Living Forgiven". At the time of that article, Margo

and family were living in Texas but have since moved back to Michigan.

If you are unable to print- enjoy READING Margo's love for LWML!

Another avenue is to type LWML in your search bar. At the very top upper

right of the HOME page type "Quarterly Fall 2014" click Enter. H2H Archives

is the first item- click-scroll to bottom entries and find "Living Forgiven" an

interview with Margo Dupre.