Purple Feud

Feb 6, 2020

Your women's gathering will love this game and it will produce a ton

of laughter. (Just like Family Feud on TV) To get to the LWML

National website, log into the LWMLMI District website and scroll

to the very bottom where you can ...

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Heart to Heart Sister-Margo

Feb 8, 2020

If you were involved in LWML back a few years to the Fall of 2014,

then you remember the article in the LWML Quarterly Fall 2014 "Living

Forgiven" by Margo Dupre. It's a beautiful, heart-warming article about

getting started as a HEART ...

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Learning Leadership from a Pack of Wolves

Feb 14, 2020

The photo of the "pack of wolves" and the entire article can be viewed, downloaded and printed from the RESOURCES>>> DISTRICT tab above. Article by Marybeth Heikkenin- VP of Communications

Learning Leadership From a Pack of Wolves!

This picture has ...

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